Why this project is so important:

Many families are staying in ruins on the line of fire, desperately holding on to what’s left of their beloved homes. Winter is coming, which means these already unlivable situations will soon grow increasingly dire. Many people do not have the ability, means or resources to find refuge abroad; and with millions of internal refugees already crowding the cities, it is vital to get people into available homes in towns and villages immediately.

The Project “Open Doors” by International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel is founded in the unity of Ukraine, not only within the country but also around the world in an ever expanding community of compassionate individuals and organizations. Together we can help families in need as well as offer reassurance and support for those who have the desire and ability to help. Although there are sites that connect people, there is no other program at this time that offers both home owners and refugees resources, support and reassurance all together.

IMOCE does everything possible to keep operating costs to the bare minimum. The goal of this website is to keep all information in one place as well as provide complete transparency so that our donors and beneficiaries can feel confident that we are doing all that we can to meet the needs of everyone possible. We believe God often works through people to answer prayers, and we want more than anything to see God’s answer come to those who are crying out for provision and protection.

The International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Where do the donations go?

Although it may be understandable to doubt the sustainability of a temporary program, this project has long term benefits with the goal of making a difference in the fate of each family we serve. We hope that through obtaining cost and bill free housing for 6 months, the refugees we serve will be able to find work, community and hope as well as the support and resources they need to create a small savings and a plan for the future. This time period will help them survive the winter, send the children to school and get back on their feet.

When refugees are placed with a home they will be provided with a resource package of local job opportunities, volunteer opportunities, schools, churches and humanitarian organizations, as well as accesses to cost free psychological support, financial advice, and legal support. For the 6 month duration of the program, all utility bills will be covered by the project as well as transportation to the home, and any maintenance expenses that might arise. The home itself is provided free of charge by generous host, but IMOCE will be offering $100 monthly gratitude payments for the duration of the program.

Estimated Monthly Cost of Program USD (per home) *

  • Utilities $200 (cautionary due to rapidly increasing energy costs)
  • Maintenance / Repairs $100 (cautionary)
  • Transportation $25
  • Legal fees $10
  • Operational costs (i.e. accountant fees, money transfer fees, website and outreach costs) $20
  • Emergency assistance $50 (cautionary)
  • Gratitude Payment $100 (optional)

Every situation is different and this will absolutely reflect in the costs, we are prepared to adjust our estimates accordingly. The general monthly cost of this program per home is between an extremely conservative $145.00 and a more generous $505.00. Thus the budget for the 6 month program will be $2,000 per home. The report for distribution of funds will be available to the public and updated monthly on this page.

For every $2,000 donated, one more family in need can be welcomed into a home and given a chance to start over.

*Any additional or unused financial resources will go back into the program to support additional participants and/or towards building and purchasing homes and buildings for those that will need long term support, for example family type orphanages, foster homes, hospice centers, woman’s crisis centers, rehabilitation centers, and similar social projects. This information will always be published on this site.

Not everyone can open their home to someone in need, but everyone can do something. Any contribution will help, if you are not able to contribute please share this information, if you have resources to offer please reach out to us via the contact page. Most importantly, please pray for this project and it’s participants.

With great respect and appreciation,

Rachel Shereyko

International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel

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